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I'm just going to give my whole week because this entire week has been super stressful. I faced A LOT of fears though. Tuesday evening I called a random guy about a contract IT job, he told me he'd pick me up at 6AM the next morning. Met the guy at my house in the morning, and he wants me to drive his car to the place ~50 miles away while he works on another project on his computer in the back. I have severe anxiety about driving other people so this was bad, and it was also in morning commuter traffic. I got through it though. I got to the place and started this entirely new job. Worked for a bit and got a ride home from another complete stranger. Went to my public speaking class later that evening which petrified me. Volunteered to go first for my speech, and by the end I volunteered to go first next week as well just to get it over with. That was all just wednesday.

Thursday I went back to the job again but it was a lot less anxiety inducing now that I'd already been before. However this time we were setting up computers at a high school. I'm only 20 and haven't been out of high school very long so it made me extremely anxious to be back in that environment. There were also a bunch of students in the room we were setting up in and teachers were coming by to check out the new computers. Got stuck in traffic on the way home for about 2 and a half hours with the same guy who drove me home the previous day.

Today I went to work at my other job which is inventory counting. Some girl was talking to me a lot at the store which made me a little uncomfortable, but I don't get anxious at this job much anymore because I'm somewhat used to it now.

And tomorrow I plan on taking a huge mental recovery day.
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