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Lexapro is an SSRI, so its inactive against Social Anxiety, depression, or as a mood lifter and enhancer of life.

Bare in mind reports of it working either in official studies or by word of mouth are false reports, much in the same same way homeopathy has false reports. Much in the same way there are youtubes thats exist where people say Honey and Vanilla are antidepressants. Also like acupuncture, orgonite, and praying.

If Lexapro worked, we would know this by A) being sold on the black market and B) 100 people who never had a job before would take it and all get a job. Its easy to invent false arguments against the truth. one can make-up anything. They can claim lexapro takes weeks to work from receptor auto regulation, therefore (A) above is invalid. Anyone can make up anything false. It is easy.

The things we read in our lives are fake things. This could be democrat-republican, labour & conservative parties, religions. We cannot pretend the psychiatric SSRIs are a special magical exception to the rule that everything is fake in nature.
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