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And yet another humble post.

And self shame is a feeling bolstered by strangers that feels 'self-shamed, humiliated' ALL the time!

Basically they ran their whole life from all kinds of humiliation, their source of fear.

And overcoming fear is something a MUST for me else the *supressed cough*

Ones in my life will.... *sigh*... needlessly perish because I talk.

I believe and acknowledge the power of speech
They believe but DON'T acknowledge the power of speech.

************************************************** *******

Our national hero is named
Jose Rizal who ended the Spanish rule
With a *cough* simple pen and *cough* and a measly paper.
_( '_')/

'ominous feeling,
from strangers'

/(*.* )\

"The power of pen and paper... Is only as good as how you use it,
and to what purpose you use it.*-_-*. And ALL the other whos."
-i, me, you

*sigh* seriously there's ALOT of vanity words in the English language. Just a note why this writing is strange.

************************************************** *******

And usually when you talk

people get annoyed, angst, angry, etc.

It just means what you're saying is..... the truth....... their truth....
And your truth. Not exclusively in that order.

Hard to make a fuss like most people between

pathological liars.

Everyone is incapable of not telling a lie if that thought ever counts.
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