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Originally Posted by IveGotToast View Post
They're making another one? I enjoyed the first one, which along with Rocky, Raging Bull, and The Sandlot are the only sports movies I've ever liked. I think it mostly has to do with The Explosions In The Sky soundtrack though.
oh, yeah original film was great, but i was referring to the tv show, movie. last i heard, they were trying to do a crowdfunding for it, but it might be scrapped... speaking of raging bull, i need to watch that soon.

Originally Posted by IveGotToast View Post
Pretty disappointing year for films. Mad Max was fun and Ex Machina was interesting. That's it really.
need to watch both of these as well

another random thought: loved that portlandia episode, one more episode haha, is battlestar galactica really that addicting?
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