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- Get down to a Size 4 dress size (i.e. lose 20 pounds and keep it off!)
- to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and to do it for myself, not for anyone else, or to get guys to like me.(working out 1/2 an hour each day/eat healthier)
- Get to a point where I'm more confident in my social skills and don't beat myself up about it when I mess up in conversation
- Get to a point where I'm comfortable with my body and stop loathing/despising it
-Reach a point where I'm happy with myself/my hobbies/interests(i.e. love myself) so that I DON'T NEED a man in my life to love me to feel good about myself- that is when I would actually be ready to have someone in my life.
- To strengthen my faith in God and to know for sure what I believe in
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