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Originally Posted by ashen View Post
Yeah i did. Smoked regular for about two years but it was making me increasingly more anxious the longer I smoked so I stopped for a while. Then one day I was really stressed and wanted to smoke and my friend happened to have this acdc and I was hooked.
But it didnt just stop working for me. My ex has been smoking for seven years and she says its just a little moodlift for her now. To get high she needs shatter dabs or hash.
That's interesting. I was just wondering because I've been smoking for like 5 years and when my anxiety became worse THC stopped having positive benefits. It just creates extreme anxiety now. My boyfriend is the same as your ex though. He just dabs because budd isn't enough. Dabbing is so intense for me it's just pure anxiety. I wish I could smoke regular though, it makes me feel lame.

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