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Originally Posted by KurdishFella View Post
today when i woke up i felt very confident being outside for like 2 hours but than it went away, can it be because of the low dose?
Well considering escitalopram's (Lexapro) half-life is more than 20 hours, I wouldn't think the effects should ever last for that short of a time. You maybe felt like that, but SSRIs don't act that way. Give it a better try, maybe upping the dose will help too, but I also recommend using some benzos like Xanax for especially hard situations.

Originally Posted by KurdishFella View Post
So far lexapro has just made me calmer and less depressed i guess but still shy outside.
SSRIs definietly aren't magic pills that will make your SA instantly go away. You'll need a therapy (preferably CBT) and you'll need to expose yourself to all the situations that make you uncomfortable. Eventually you'll see it's not that hard, especially on Lexapro. At least that's how it was for me. Good luck.

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