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You guys are getting me fired up for yoga again. I did it for a couple of years and it was VERY helpful for both mind and body. Bikram (hot yoga), Vinyasa, and Hatha. We lived in a big city and it was easy to find a yoga class. Then we moved to a small town. There was only one yoga studio which went out of business. I tried one in a neighboring town but it was so weird - stuck up people - I felt uncomfortable so I didn't go back. I tried it at home, bought several CD's but it just isn't the same.

After reading all these posts, I am thinking I'll try at home again. I sure wish there was a yoga studio around here!

Edited to add a comment for Nite Owl - keep going to yoga. I think more men ought to do it, there really needs to be some kind of push for it. Athletic men like my husband suffer from stress, joint pain and inflexibility and yoga is so good for all those things. My ball playing H went to a few classes and couldn't cut it - it was too hard - so much for it being for sissies. I wish he would have continued because yoga men have super hot bodies.

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