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Originally Posted by Drew View Post
Is there some treatment that has helped you triumph over social anxiety?
Share your experience with it!

If the treatment is not currently listed, click the "Suggest a new listing..." link at the bottom of the page to add it. Once you add it you'll be able to add your experience immediately.

I suffered from People Pleasing for a long time starting in childhood trying to earn my Parents praise and then when I became and adult , it continued vying for anyones praise and admiration. I suffered from low self esteem and was crying out , essentially, for the void to be filled.

It wasn't until I was 30, that I gave my complete life to Jesus Christ and started to understand just how valueable I was being made in the Creators image and how I had intrinsic worth . After a few more years time, my life became all about living for him instead of me . Amazing things occur when we put ourselves at #2 status to his #1 rightful place in our lives. Having him as my authority , truth, wisdom, and placed properly and with his power in my life I finally overcame the enslavement of not thinking I was good enough. So, all praise and thanks goes to my King, Jesus.
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