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Originally Posted by ANXPhoenix View Post

On topic:
This has always been the hardest for me, just reading the handouts. I never seem to have the time or focus to do it. I do listen to the tapes a lot and that helps, but the examples and stories do go on for a bit too long when you're listening to it for the 20th time, lol....

I think it's partially a general laziness I have, as well as a bit of a video game addiction, but also due to shift work and a constantly changing schedule. I'd always plan to devote a certain time to reading handouts, doing the therapy, going to a monthly meetup, etc. and then my schedule gets changed 3 days later and messes everything up.

I did set up reminders on phone though to go off at certain times each day or when arriving/leaving places. I had set ones up for:
The worrying hand out
Deserving statements
ANTs handout
Fighting paradox
And uhh profiency statements?
I didn't include the names
In all of them so not sure about the last one. Though with the reminders an iOS update messed it up and made it really hard to read the handouts, so even those I don't read too often anymore. I'm trying to get back into the swing of it, just gotta focus on my well being more; I should be cutting a really negative person out of my life soon so hopefully that will help.
Yeah, it can definitely be difficult to stick with it. That's why I decided to make this thread. I figure knowing people are watching might help me stay on track.

If other people decide to post what handouts they're reading each day, that would be great. It would help me stay motivated.

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