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I've come to a conclusion. I may or may not be wrong, but it is what I truly believe. We always have a choice. There is always a choice to be acted upon no matter what has or hasn't influenced us. Our lives are considered blank canvases. Our actions decide how the work of art will turn out. So yes there are things that will heavily influence us, but in the end only we can make the brush stroke. Also.. there will not always be a decent option. We can always draw over our works of art. What we do decides who we are. Not the other way around. We don't have a set personality and then act as such. We reinforce an image based off of what we do. People react to these images because that is what we convey to the world as okay. So we must change our actions in order to change ourselves.

Deciding to hang onto anxiety, bad memories, or any excuses paints an ugly canvas. Letting go is one step to bettering yourself. Realizing that your actions decides who you think you are and how the world will see you is another.(What kind of art do you want to take credit for)

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