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Originally Posted by Ryukil View Post
Have you done this? If so, do you still suffer from anxiety?
I have done this. This is the mindful approach.

I do suffer from anxiety but recently I would say I am almost SA free. Mindfulness and joining groups has helped me with the last mile.

The idea is that when you resist your anxiety, you're just adding an extra layer of anxiety. You're anxious about being anxious.

Anxiety is a little like those Chinese finger traps where the more you pull the harder it gets. You have to move in the opposite direction of your intuition. You have to move deeper into the anxiety and embrace it in order to escape.

Overall, what makes anxiety difficult to overcome is that it's a compound problem. There are many factors causing anxiety simultaneously. You may try one technique and give up because it doesn't seem to work. People give up as they feel like they've tried everything. But the key is to attack it from multiple angles, attacking all the facets of anxiety together.

“We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.”

― Kurt Vonnegut
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