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Originally Posted by gordonjohnson008 View Post
I'm using Rhodiola Rosea with some success so far. I'm using Oregon Wild Harvest brand in capsule form 1x a day (this is the recommended dose). I tried a different formulation in tablet form and got NOTHING out of it. But with the Oregon Wild Harvest capsules I notice subtle effects almost immediately and the effects build after I've been on it a few days.

Side effects - similar to those I've gotten from SSRIs, but milder. Mild gas and seemingly easier to get heartburn, mild insomnia, mild urinary hesitancy, mild daytime fatigue (could be because of interrupted sleep), mild dry eyes/lips. These side effects I also get with an SSRI like Paxil, and are more severe with the SSRI. No noticeable sexual side effects from R.R. at this dose. A cup or two of green tea a day wipe out the fatigue issue, and over time the insomnia has eased. The other sides may subside over time - I've been taking R.R. inconsistently for the past few months, but now plan to stay on this small dosage consistently for the next few months.

R.R. is a mild MAO inhibitor, and I've noticed it improving my mood, affecting my energy, and thwarting panic responses. I'm taking it because I don't want to be reliant on perscription medication, but do want a little boost to deal with persistant mild SA (and the gloomy Seattle Winter). I'll report back eventually...

There are other adaptogens/natural MAOIs I'm also interested in but haven't tried. Among these are ashwandaga, curcumin, etc... I have also taken Valerian root PRN before social situations - it feels like taking a benzo.
Hi can you expand on the urinary side effect of rhodiola? I have taken it (400mg)for a week and sometimes (after over 8 hours Of more) I experience this. I believe I had similar problems with a pill a psychiatrist prescribed long ago also to address anxiety.

First time I took rhodiola I felt hot and anxious - anxiety levels seem high now although I did feel relax more than usual on day 3 and 4
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