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Originally Posted by JohnnyAlonzo View Post
Totally wrong. The reformulation only means you have to adjust your dose up or down. I also don't understand why people add so many other ant anxiety drugs to Nardil and complain that Nardil's AD effect isn't working well.. Funny thing is, when they come off the other anti anxiety meds the Nardil AD effect is perfect again. Hmmm... Everyone has some anxiety whether it be general or social. Medicine is designed to bring it back to normal levels again not totally erase it to 0 and make you feel totally blank and anxiety free.

For a generic or such is allowed to be sold in Sweden/EU it must contain the same amount of the active substance as the Original...

And as i seen you mentioned "NEVER CUT PILLS"... Phenelzine comes in 15mg pills...
So a dose increasement/decrease of 15mg should be used?

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