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I've always had an overly attachment personality and it didn't happen to just anyone it happened to people I felt connected with...But Last April/May I started a job and I worked with two other people one was a 75 year old man and I started to get to know him and started to get attached to him he became like a father figure to me (Didn't have the best father growing up) and well in late June he retired and I was sad so I started to get to know my other co-worker (Now good friend) whose 32 years old and my feelings have grown for him alot (Not in a romantic kind of way like a brotherly friend way) I care about him alot and he knows how I feel so its not like I am hiding it form him..It's just hes married and has two foster kids and he lives an hour away form me so its hard and I don't drive so makes it harder for me to travel. I just always want to be around him now and I miss him so much when I am not. I've been told happiness comes form within but I can't find happiness in me so my friend is my happiness I am always truly happy when I am around him even when I am in a bad mood. If I could move in with him I would. He says he is my friend but he said he doesn't have time for me right now cause of his "busy" life. I am trying to understand it but I want him to understand if I was around him more I'd be a whole lot happier..Right now I am only seeing him once a week before my job ends for the winter and I really sad because I am not sure if I can see him or not...I am not sure what to do I really depresses me...I've tired to forget about him by watching my favorite movies/tv shows and doing other things but it just doesn't work..I just want to be apart of his life more and then I will be happier about life.
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