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Here's a link to three pub med studies about inositol

It lowers insulin glucose diastolic blood pressure and serum triglycerides.

I brought a few containers, It does have some interesting effects its pretty much side effect free, I've even tried super dosing it, It did kind of make me a bit hypo-manic where I was running around singing and dancing at 4x 18gram dosage, But even the lower doses can do that, Its interesting to say the least just because it can lower diastolic blood pressure and potentially can be good for heart health.

It might be good to stack with a low dose SSRI to minimize side effects from the SSRI.

I did kind of notice cramps in my arms although, I don't know if that related to inositol.

In the study it said it lowers diastolic BP by 11% with only 4 grams that is much lower then the dosages used to treat OCD.

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