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I'm not on citalopram anymore so I tried Inositol again. I said before i went up to 8 gram of Inositol and didn't notice much. Recently I was taking this (200mg of Inositol, much less) with 2 capsules of Lithium OROTATE (the supplement form, not prescription) a day. I'm not sure of the safety of this but this was definitely much more effective. BTW Lithium by itself might actually decrease Inositol:

I would be careful if you want to try this combo because the LO appears to be significantly increasing the affect of the definitely do not start out taking megadoses.


Have to redose every 3-4 hours and takes about an hour to kick in. After about 4 or 5 hours I start feeling sort of caffeinated so there is some rebound anxiety. Causes some laziness and apathy but not nearly as bad as SSRIs. can cause diahrrea at first and i had very light sleeping for a couple days (which from what i've heard is an indication of taking too much). so like i said the combo is very strong but i'm extremely sensitive to meds/herbs/supplements otherwise i probably would not recommend it.

Also, I didn't like I having to redose every few hours so I'm trying LO with Bacopa now.

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