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Originally Posted by Bert Reynolds View Post
I've started taking Magnesium Glycinate Chelate the other week and I can tell it is a much better sleep aid than what I was taking previously--which was Magnesium Oxide. Supposedly the Glycinate form has one of the highest bio-availability and absorption rates out of them all. I'm in need to experiment more with higher dosages as an anxiety-reducer. I have a question if anyone can answer--doesn't one need to compensate for a loss of another vitamin as a result of taking a lot of Magnesium? Isn't more Calcium needed if Magnesium levels are higher than normal? I'm gonna have to do more research on this.
calcium to mag ratio.. 1:2 or at the very least a 1:1 calcium-magnesium balance." But that's just what the last article I read says, you can check it out for yourself (link below)

I am going to order bulk powders mag glycinate they have a pretty good deal with a lot of reviews on amazon. Most people take it before bed and get good sleep which I feel its a big problem with people who have anxiety. Which often worsens your anxiety the next day.... I'm also adding a good multi
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