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Originally Posted by Paul View Post
People often look like they don't have social anxiety, because it's not a visible thing, it's an internal experience. I'm not so bad with the group now, partly due to plowing through more than 70 regular meetups over 4 years and partly thanks to the one person I managed to connect with, but I still have some awkward times where I feel like the outcast. And if you take me outside the group, well, I haven't a clue how to react when a neighbor says "hi" or how to talk to the other 7 billion people.

Sometimes you'll feel like the outcast more in an SA group because everyone else is too anxious or conversationally-unskilled to initiate with you. That happens especially at hikes and event-type meetups, I've noticed people stick to those they know at those. You might prefer our more formal monthly SA discussion groups, or a game night... those are more inclusive than other activities.
Thanks. I guess ill keep trying.
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