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Recovering from Friday night drinking. Not been well

Originally Posted by mousse View Post
same thing happens to me but only sometimes. sis is working with me to try to figure out what are the main seems to be shots...I can not take shots, especially ones with red bull...seems to speed up the meds and cause be to get drunk faster and not remember things. You have to be careful. Good luck!
I normally can drink on paroxateine , but I made a few mistakes Friday night
1) took my meds just before I went out
2) had a couple of shots with red bull along with my normal G & T

Woke up early hours feeling so sick, and was vomiting sweating shaking thought I was dieing. It's now Sunday , I feel drained.

But I can't work out if it was the drink? Or have I had a bug? Only because I didn't feel sick when I went to sleep?

But it's certainly taught me a few lessons

Been on paroxateine for 16 years
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