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Originally Posted by Focus123 View Post
Many anxiety disorders, such as SAD (Social Anxiety Disorder), GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder), or PD (Panic Disorder) are treated medication wise through the use of antidepressants, mainly the family of SSRIs (Prozac, Zoloft, Lexapro, Celexa, Luvox), SNRIs (Effexor, Cymblata) and trycyclics (Impramine, Anafranil). *Note: there are a few other antidepressants in each of these categories, but I just listed the main ones used.

Initially I came from the school of thought that medications were unnatural and should be used as a last resort for mental health. However, after experiencing a severe panic episode that lasted several months, and didn't ease up, until I treated it with medication, I realize those views were faulty. Regardless of my other treatments, these methods never cured my anxiety disorder, and it seemed I should have started with the medication from the start.

Medication is always used as to fix a health problem. If you suffer high blood pressure, you may take heart medication to aid your malfunctioning heart. If you suffer epilepsy, you take medication to prevent future seizures. If you have diabetes, you will take medication to deal with this health disorder, and it's often accepted, as for life. Mental health medication often has a stigma of not being a valid medical disorder, possibly more of a crazy person's issue in how they do not know how to handle the pressures of life.

Antidepressants are tools to help the brain in the regulation of serotonin. For people who suffer depression or anxiety, their brains often produce too much serotonin, and this imbalance causes the brain to be in a state of constant alarm. Antidepressants actually aid the brain in producing the appropriate stress receptors that handle anxiety and how serotonin is regulated through the body. Without the medication, the body and the brain do not handle serotonin appropriately, and this causes anxiety and depressive disorders. Given this information, anxiety disorders and depressive disorder are the result of a faulty mis-wired brain, however medication can fix that.

So when taking antidepressants, they are a form of medication to assist your damaged brain.

It may take several attempts at finding the right medication to fit your chemistry. This can be frustrating for a user, especially if a person only seeks antidepressants during a panic episode, since the antidepressant may be viewed as a quick fix, instead of a medication that needs to be regularly monitored, at a minimum of a year, so the person can adapt to the medication in their system. Likewise this may require changes in medications and may take four to five attempts at finding the right medication for a user.

For this reason, medication should be taken seriously, and not be treated like asperin where it's only taken to fix bad feelings and fix them overnight with an antidepressant. Antidepressants work over time in assisting the brain on how to regulate itself up to normal par.

For a person who suffers a severe anxiety disorder, they may have to come to the conclusion that medication maybe for life, however this does not mean a person cannot lead a rewarding, fulfilling life, with the appropriate use of medication to handle their anxiety disorder.
I just want to say thank you for your input. Doctors do have all that training for a reason. The best you can do is be honest with your Doctor, however in some states mental hospitals can keep you forever so be careful.

There is a lot of valid argument about Organic food but in reality a person doesn't always have access to organic food and regular exercise. For me I can afford the doctor visit but not the prescriptions... The better medical treatment, support, and healthy lifestyle are all good ways to live a happy life.

Personally I've hated mine and that doesn't change.
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