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Originally Posted by Demeter View Post
My "treatment" happened in 2008, it started with me seeing a psychologist and psychiatrist team for clinical depression. I was additionally diagnosed with PTSD and social anxiety disorder, and was given pills to calm my panic attacks.... At least I learned that PTSD and social anxiety disorder were causing me to become depressed. Knowing this makes it easier for me to prevent that deep, dark, clinical depression that has destroyed my life so many times in the past. Additionally, simply KNOWING that I actually have a social phobia makes it easier for me to accept myself as a human being... Knowing that I'm not alone, and that other people experience this. It makes me feel.... Normal... In a not so normal way.
I couldn't agree more with you Demeter, just knowing I have SA has been such a leap forward and a path out of the chronic depression that I was diagnosed with a long time ago. I floated in and out of therapy for it, but it never made a dent in the way I was feeling until I was diagnosed with Complex PTSD and SA recently. And viola, there are lots of people like me, books and forums to help, and a light at the end of the tunnel finally.

Re SA - Like you I feel much less different now that I know what I'm up against. It lets me accept myself and to get on with looking at strategies to help (e.g., CBT) rather than wasting time beating myself up for being awkward.
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