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Originally Posted by guitarmatt View Post
I want to try kava again as I have a whole bag of the ground root, but since reading the accounts of people needing liver transplants after using it I've been to scared to use it again.
The jist of it is, and I wish I could find the article, but it's on a hawaii edu site somewhere...

Is that there was a rush in the late nineties and everyone rushed into production, and many vendors crushed up the leaves and stems with the roots, and that is what caused scientific analysis to turn up hepatoxic substances.

The roots on thier own, apparently have no ill effect.

That being said, another southern world drink called yerba mate is very popular, yet said to cause cancer, yet millions drink the stuff anyways.

It won't damage you in the short term, but yeah, anything in large amounts may have adverse effects.

Drink too much coffee, too many days/weeks/months in a row, and whoa, that withdrawl will leave you feeling as if you are depressed. Right?

So... everything in moderation, and stick with reputable vendors. The good powder will numb your lips.

I feel the effect the next-day too. I bit of a hangover feel.
I have heard some say the effects are both cumulative and tolerances build.

Meaning some claim it takes them less of the same amount to achieve the same effect, yet the effect loses intensity after repeated use. unsure... I save for rainy days...

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