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1) Journaling
Everything good or bad today, all my feelings, emotions goes to my diary on laptop. I wasn't sure if it would help me, but now I feel the need to write to it several times in a day. I also write down ideas about the future, what I want to change about myself, not necessarily to reach that goal immediately but just to make sure not to forget it.

2) Talking to people more
I used to restrict myself to only talk "when necessary". So I talk nothing at all to noone mostly. Now I force myself to write online for people, just to talk a little more than I used to. I get positive feedback mostly, it definately helps

3) Get out of comfort zone more
This one is so hard even when I am convinced it would be beneficial. I force myself not to avoid some friend parties, social interactions, stuff that I fear. I didn't succeed on that one yet, just partialy.

4) Talking to SA people about it
I learned a lot from people who have simmilar life experience as myself. Only they understand me the most. I didn't expect such support from people really.

5) Keep your expectations low and more realistic
I don't expect everything to be "normal" on day one as I start to cope with social anxiety. I feel happy with the progress I made, I know where I have to work at and try to be fair to myself.
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