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Originally Posted by thehumble View Post
I tried ginseng but it didn't do much other than get me hard but that's because I mixed it with gingko Biloba and both are aphrodisiacs lol darn aryuvedics
I'm a young man and I tried Korean ginseng for anxiety. All it did to me was make me as randy as all get out (don't need help with that). I never had erections that hard (lol). Anyways, it made me so nervous that I thought I was going to down a roller coaster. It took a few hours for it to wear off.

As someone said above, most herbs for anxiety issues are frauds (they actually exacerbate the anxiety). Now, for physical issues, many are amazingly effective (I know from the above lol, and others things not mentioned).

The only thing that ever helped me a little bit with my anxiety without placebo effect was Tulsi tea. That's it. I do recommend it.

(Don't mention Kava Kava!)
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