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Another thing forgot to mention was the selective mutism. When I was younger I couldn't speak in front of a class. I believe it was Kindergarten and I had to stand in front of the class and just say what color my jeans were. I couldn't talk at all and it got worse when years later a family friend picking me up from the backseat of a car and my leg kind of got caught underneath the seat in front of my and something sharp cut my leg so deep that blood was running down my leg yet I could not speak which frustrated my parents because they started worrying if other things were happening to me that I was talking about. That incident was over 10 years ago and I still have the scar.

I hardly talk to others unless spoken to but there have been times when I would be talking to a school counselor or my previous therapist and I would get so overwhelmed that my I would shut down for almost 20 minutes and I couldn't speak or hardly move. Both my counselor and therapist were so alarmed that they thought that I was about to harm myself. I was so embarrassed.
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