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Originally Posted by thehumble View Post
I've seen some help with magnesium when accompanied with other supplements in relation to my anxiety relief. what I most like about it is the fact that it helps with my restless leg syndrome which drives me insane when I'm anxious or stressed. also loosens up my bowels if I take too much. overall it works and its magnesium oxide w
I've been told by a medic that so long as you have stomach acid, Mag Oxide is all that's needed and is our natural source of the stuff anyway (stream and spring water). Citrate and other forms are only needed if you are permanently on Zantac or anti-acids, since Mag Oxide won't get absorbed. They're also needed in fairly enourmous amounts compared to Mag Oxide, to get the same amount of magnesium. If the medic's right, then they are a waste of money for most of us.
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