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Originally Posted by Odin Rossi View Post

I know this forum may be a bit old ( Last post was in 2009), anyways, I have a question.

I'm developing a product base on the L-theanine, a product that anyone can use on a daily base.

My question was : What is the minimum quantity that someone should take to feel the effect of the L-Theanine ?

What is the exact feeling that this person will feel ?

Thank you in advance all of you for your answers !
Sorry, forgot to talk about the effects. Main thing you'll hear about it is it reduces stress / anxiety, but without drowsiness. In fact, another effect is that it makes you more able to focus. There are more effects, like feeling more positive and less irritable if you have those problems. I would say these are all true in my experience. Those are the main things you see.
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