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Originally Posted by Nevjernik View Post
He is right though. Researches for some reason tend to exaggerate subtle or barely existing effects, and are misleading. For example, fact that Rhodiola is well researched gives an illusion it should really work. While in reality it is either placebo or has very mild effect.

Then you have something like Phenibut or 1,3 DMAA, barely researched at all but definitely works. Everything that works can be dangerous and is usually prohibited and regulated.

Reports about herbal remedies working strongly are placebo effect and exaggeration.
rhodiola Definitely works for me. i'm sick of people saying stuff is placebo if it doesn't work for them. rhodiola gives me a significant increase in focus/energy that is undeniable. i think the problem is too many people are looking for a drug that is going to have amazing effects, and those drugs exist - but the higher you get, the further you can/will fall. if you want to do an amphetamine because it gives you more energy than a natural supplement...good luck.

you're way off on herbal remedies being placebo. maybe your brain is just burned out from too many hard drugs?
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