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Drinking some right now. I love the stuff, but only in moderation, while switching between various teas, coffees, and other drinks. Normally only drink a few cups once a month or every few weeks, reusing the tea flakes over and over again until the green color dilutes and the flavor disappears.

i used to love this stuff but i drank it yesterday, only 1 cup, and felt like i was on speed or something...
That's why I switch it up. Sure, caffeine is caffeine, right? Shouldn't make a difference, but I find it does, and letting my tolerance build up drinking the same beverage over and over is wasteful, if you ask me, when you can simply switch from tea, then to coffee, then the yerba mate. Each time the switch occurs tolerance to that specific drink is low and enjoyed at fuller benefit. No science to back this up, they are only my personal feelings and experiences.

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