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Originally Posted by skm1 View Post
it's true - everyone can read your thoughts - you're not hallucinating or imaginig it or paranoid. It is actually happening - but for whatever reason you can't do it - nor can I. But other people can hear my thoughts as well. But everyone can and does hear your thoughts.
Unfortunately, that is called a delusion. All those delusions and hallucinations are very real to people suffering from them but they truely are not real.

If they would be, everyone would confirm you they can hear them too. Also they could tell you your exact thoughts. Which nobody can. They can only guess. You can however imagine they can do it. But that doesnt mean it happens.

It is also known that in severe cases, with a long period with no treatment since the onset of the condition, distinguishing between reality and delusions can be very hard if not impossible.

How can you see it is not real? By going to a psychiatrist. letting him know your story and taking the treatement daily. The sooner the better.

I see some people are very irresponsible on this thread. Saying not to accept the diagnosis of schizophrenia or another cause that is just labeling and basically you should do nothing about it. Cause that is just something special. By doing that the cruel reality is you may find yourself in a mental hospital sooner or later. And there really is nothing special about being in those.

Schizophrenia, borderline and any other disorder should not be considered a stigma. If you get a flu or any other ilnesses you go to a doctor and get the treatment he gives you to recover or at least feel better. It should be just the same with mental disorders. They are just ilnesses and should not be seen as death sentences or shameful labels.

Good luck to everyone no matter the diagnosis and take care of yourselves!
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