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Gaba is safe, i will try anything before start on ssris.

Gaba is a great supplement. I was about start SSRI's antidepressants, (pharma will kill you, is a big business). I wasn't able to sleep had anxiety and depression, especially before my period. So I tried GABA and literally saved my life. The doctor prescribed Prozac and Zoloft, (to mask the problem not to solve it) you can have very bad side effects and you will never be the same.

Try GABA supplement with taurine and L-theanine, those aminoacids will help to cross the blood brain barrier along with GABA, so, don't give up. There's hope. Also I am trying to get the 5 htp and Rhodiola. Rhodiola is one of the greatest herbs you can find them in supplements it will increase the GaBA naturally and will help you with many things, google it. Right now I am using Moringa,(Moringa is a great multivatimins good source of B's Vitamins, the brain needs it) Fish Oil, GABA with Theanine Serene & Relora, (you can buy it in, they have the all the supplements (from Whole Foods) but with affordable prices. Try to exercise to and have people around to talk about your problems.

Now I felt better, I can sleep and I feel happy with hope and the future doesn't seem black like before. I have 2 beautiful girls to fight for..

Good luck...

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About gaba,gaba the simple amino acid CANNOT cross the blood brain barrier/Howerever there are a number of supplments that do.

PIcamilion uses nician as a carrier,its a nutrient and does cross the brain with gaba.

L theanine cross the brain and is said to raise both gaba and dopamine

L phenibut is a gaba raising supplement

And kava kava crosses the brain and effects gaba

Please dont waste money on expensive gaba,it cant do anything
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