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GABA has been my miracle

My anxiety got to a point where I was unable to hardly function at all. I had intense panic attacks where I thought I was having a heart attack at some points. I'm going to school for dental hygiene and I would be so scared to take exams (even though I knew the material) that I would sometimes fail because of my shakiness and inability to think at that time. My instructors advised me to get help and get on Xanax or something but I didn't want to take such an addictive drug. My mom found GABA and after 2 weeks of taking it, it has completely transformed my life. I'm so much calmer and think so clearly now and get the best sleep I've ever had. No negative side effects at all. None the less I have finished almost at the top of my class when before I didn't think I even pass. I have talked half of the girls in my life into taking it and it has done very similar things for them as we'll I need to be the spokesperson for this stuff!
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