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Originally Posted by FrozenSlumber View Post
Repeated exposure
(with a healthy dose of some very serious honest discussions with myself)

Some days it feels useless but I just checked my Liebowitz Social Anxiety Score and... it went from 94 to 64. Only a year between the two, I am amazed. I'm really starting to feel the difference.

(There is no stopping the thoughts, or "they" as I call it. Not for me anyway. My mind never slows down enough for meditation and such. The more I try to shut them up the more upset I get which just makes it worse. So basically I just let it run... and let it be proven wrong. I figure, the more "they" get proven wrong, the less they yell. "They" haven't shut up yet but it's not quite as "loud" anymore)
My thoughts never stop either. I have been "meditating" since the summer and instead of stopping my thoughts, I've been shifting them. When a negative thought enters my mind, I shut it out immediately and fight it with positive things and affirmations. It's not always easy, though. Something negative just recently happened to me and I'm fighting the negative thoughts from that as we speak. Listening to uplifting (but not painfully corny) music helps me also
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