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My opinion

I find GABA usless. It's no more than placebo in my opinion, as it doesn't redaly cross the BBB. That being said, maby some peoples BBB's are different than others. Everybody reacts differently to every substance. Nuerontin does what Gaba said it should do. But the price doesn't work for my budget. Phenibut is GABA with an addition of a phenyl ring, and it does cross the BBB and it actually does work. Much cheaper than nuerontin, (if you find the right source and proper potency), no prescription, just do some experimenting and find the right source. It is just GABA, tweaked so it can cross the BBB. (I feel like a spokesman of sorts for the praises of phenibut. It has helped so friggin much for me. I wish I found it sooner. But then again, what works for others also doesn't work for all. It works for me.)
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