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Originally Posted by housebunny View Post
Actually studies have been done on rhodiola. Also, you're saying that if something worked it would be banned, while at the same time saying coffee works and it's not banned, so you're kind of contradicting yourself, friend. What's it to ya, anyway? Why do you care?
Studies are wrong all the time & contradict each other, & waste time with ultra weak stuff

Something that isnt ultra weak or inactive is what is need to relieve intense suffering & torture. Theres a reason why so many people report they over dose on herbs like this & still feel no effect whatsoever

this herb is inactive. Sorry to say, there are no psychoactive herbs that are readily & easily cheaply available that work.

Try something like kratom, order some, and take that, then tell me if the other things you try are active... have you ever taken something before that actually alters state of consciousness?

Ive taken 20 valerian tablets before & got no effect whatsoever. Sorry, but i just dont get people reporting that inactive stuff has an effect.
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