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Originally Posted by SA232 View Post
I took this stuff as well as reishi in large amounts and didn't notice anything (these herbs were taken in seperate periods). This stuff was New Chapter brand; the reishi was Dragon Herbs brand. That being said, I'm open to herbs, but herbalists do work ups on people and recommend specific combinations. It's not one size fits all. I've begun scanning a book on herbs (also goes into nutrition and chakras and stuff) that was released recently. If anybody wants a copy, PM me.
the reason why you took this in large amounts & didnt notice anything is because its not active.

When an herb is active 100% of all people get an effect from it they can feel, even if the effect varies from person to person.

When an herb is not active, then you have some people report a false effect when no effect exist, and most people say it has no effect.

For example, Kratom or Coca Leaves or Opium Poppy affects 100% of all people in some way, because its real, not fake like Rhodiola & Ginseng.

People who are suggestible & into something with excitement will report an effect when no effect actually exists. this is known as placebo effect
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