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I've been searching for otc/natural/inexpensive solutions for anxiety. I went to liftmode to try phenibut, came across L-theanine and around 30+ positive reviews, so I added it to my cart. 5g for $10, why not give it a shot? The first time taken (200mg), nothing. Upped it to two scoops at night (400-500mg) and found that it helped ease my mind and relax my body to prepare for sleep. When I'm alone and ready for bed, it puts me at ease and helps me drift off. But in social situations, it wasn't as effective. It might be a piece of the puzzle, but for moments of high anxiety, it just won't cut it on its own. I'd liken it to an e-cigarette after a heavy meal.. it helps a lot, but still missing a couple pieces. Have not tried stacking it with anything else yet. Next up.. phenibut, kanna, kava, and opium(jk).
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