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Originally Posted by Tinydancer20 View Post
Hmm. Maybe try getting more protein? Protein shakes seem to help. the multi I take is called alive...I have to take it with food. and I took liquid drops of vitamin D called Carlson's daily d. I noticed I felt better and had more energy after two weeks of taking them. I don't want to go on medication. I'm trying to see if I can get my TSH any lower just by natural methods like this. All this stuff worked for me so I don't feel like I need meds.
I do eat a good amount of protein, but it doesn't really help . I got my lab work back and I found out that I do have thyroid antibodies (which I'm sure I knew) but my levels are normal, Vit D is borderline. I found Alive at Wal-Mart and got it per your recommendation lol , excited to try. How much Vit D did you take in total daily (Alive has 1,000 IU which seems adequate daily, I'm assuming). I'm considering also using Ashwagandha (I saw it on the forum for increasing mood stability + concentration) either the pill or a mild tea for now. I have diabetes so meds have been inevitable for me and levo did help when I had a low thyroid level, but since I have so much tiredness and exhaustion and my levels aren't low, I'm hoping the multivit + herbal supplement helps; otherwise I might take extra vit D like you said.
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