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Interesting how so many people put fat and ugly together. It's sad how we have let society brainwash us into thinkingthat bein g overweight is synonymous with being ugly.
Being healthy should be the main incentive for wanting to lose weight unfortunetly for many it is not.

What bothers me the most is how we let others determine how we feel with their opinions regarding our looks.

How do we come to the conclusion that we are ugly or attractive? It's the opinion of others that makes us question our attractiveness.
There's no such thing as ugly or attractive it's only the opinion of the masses. And the masses have determined that fat is ugly/unattractive and therefore you must change to fit the status quo.

A big part of feeling anxious has to do with lack of confidence and how do we come to have or lack confidence? From the time we are children we are bombarded with images of thin people and told what pretty/handsome should look like. Disney movies are a perfect example of this. You have your pricess/prince who are thin and nice and the mean and ugly characters e.g., witches tend to be fat and ugly. These imges along with the opinions of other are projected on to us and we passes them on as well.

Bottom line is congrats to those who have lost weight becuase that is no easy feet. But please don't say that you are ugly because the only thing that can really make a person ugly is their personality and the way they treat others. No one has the right to determine what pretty or ugly looks like. If you have lost weight to feel healthier and are a good person there's nothing ugly about you.
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