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Talked to a guy that I like

So a guy ("Mark") that I like invites me regularly to events on Facebook. (He invites a lot of people). Usually I don't go-either because it's inconvenient or because I am scared that I won't know what to say to him and it will be awkward.
So tonight I finally decided to go to a lecture that Mark had invited me to. I saw him, and at first I felt really shy and wasn't sure if I would be able to talk to him. I wasn't sure if he was avoiding me (he didn't come up to say hello). Finally after a lot of standing around and trying to make sure I didn't say hello in an awkward way, we somehow walked near each other at the right moment and said hello (I guess I probably walked near him first). In any case, we spoke for a few minutes and he said I should come more often to the events that he runs. That was really nice.
Then, after I got home, I saw that Mark sent me a FB message thanking me for coming. It was really nice. I don't know if anything will ever happen romantically, but I decided that I would like to be friends even if he is not interested in me romantically.
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