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yeah here are some tips for anyone who wants to go out and try it
  • It mostly feels awkward because you don't know how easy it is yet & your instinctively loss averse... you feel cautious because of how unpredictable it is, not because of how hard it is, all you really have to do is move your hips side to side and stay on beat... its elementary kiddie stuff, but feels big and challenging in your head.
  • Go out with somebody who's really nice and supportive, the girl I was dancing with is the sweetest girl in the world and is always positive and nice, think of it like a baby when they take their first steps.. you want to do it then be like "yaaaayyy I did it" because it encourages you to do it again and builds your confidence
  • When things aren't going your way, just SMILE, People wont think your akward if you look like your enjoying yourself, half the night I had this dumb smile on my face for no reason lmao, it kept me in the right mood to feel confident when it came time to dance
  • know when your overthinking and just take action.. I spent a lot of time, thinking about doing it but not doing it... I really would have had alot more fun if I just walked in the room with guns blazing dancing with everything in sight, yes that's a little bit hard for someone with SA, but honestly not so hard that me or anyone else could't do it.. I think it would have been massively worth it if I did.

hope that helps, I have another post about pulling the trigger in positive thinking if you need me to elaborate any further.
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