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Some people call their friends to come to their houses on a saturday afternoon. They sit on a chair next to swimmingpool and start to talk, drink beer and smoke cigarretes. They talk about their jobs, what they are going to do late at night, they talk about other people, they share colective memories that they would never have remembered haven't they met this afternoon, such as that time when Paul got drunk and went running naked on the streets. They say absurd things and then they laugh. Without knowing or intending it, they hate and love eachothers. Then they set up to do something later that night. Nobody ever notices that they meet with a frequency of once a week, or a month, or a year and then they completely forget each other's existence but for the happy photos which they see on facebook and feel humiliated because of this. And life goes on with everybody living a life that is somewhat 70% similar and everybody making it look like it's 90% different.
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