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Originally Posted by sleepytime View Post
I have been considering getting some CBT therapy but I'm slightly offput by the whole 'reprogramming' approach.

Admittedly I don't understand fully how CBT works, but it sounds to me like the idea is to replace all your negative thoughts with positive ones. I feel like I wont be able to adopt a positive thought unless I evidence that the thought is based on fact. I cannot believe a positive message just because it's positive and good for me to believe in, it has to be grounded in reality. Otherwise it's just a form of brainwashing.

Anyone else have a similar problem with CBT? Or am I misunderstanding how CBT works? ACT sounds like it circumvents this problem, can anyone recommend a good ACT book?
Yeah, I know exactly how you feel. My OCD contributes to this as well, i.e., I obsess about things I tell myself (in relation to changing my cognition) being true. Like I've wanted to try acceptance before. I try to tell myself, "The anxiety isn't so bad", in order to not be afraid of it, but basically that's lying to myself. It IS bad. I guess, though, that if lying to yourself helps your anxiety, it's probably worth it.
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