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I started yoga 2 months ago now and I'm happy I did. It was awkward at first, I went to a session a year and half ago but never came back, then I took up Pilates and then came back to yoga. The teacher was a bit motivation after the first session. I'm so stiff and all, I need to have a teacher who doesn't make me feel like a big pile of cr*p.

The first 3 weeks were ok, but then it got difficult mentally, on one side I was feeling better, but on the other I had awful nightmares about the traumas in my life. For almost two weeks I woke up screaming or crying, or simply in shock and unable to find sleep afterwards. I didn't even know if I should continue yoga, but it seems it can happen with the meditation at the end of the session. I kept attending the class though and it went away.

I feel better afterwards and it's nice not to be in competition with anyone. I just go, do yoga for 1h, meditate for 30min and go home feeling good.
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