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Originally Posted by Reckoner7 View Post
Does anyone feel (with their daydreams) that along with the escapism of it all that they find comfort in it and makes them feel better such as someone comfort eating will lift their mood for the brief time it does?
I like day dreaming and I di it alot but I also look forward to it in a way, especially when lying in bed it makes me feel better to play myself as someone else i.e more confident.
Mine doesn't make me feel better/comforted or more confident or anything, but it's definitely more interesting than dwelling in the real world or mulling over my loneliness. (I don't really "look forward" to daydreaming, since it's just automatic for me. I also don't tend to daydream about myself.)

I used to do something when I was younger--put myself in the head of a character of mine who could handle stressful situations better--and take strength from them so I could cope with things. In a limited capacity, that activity did make me feel better and more confident. Unfortunately, I convinced myself this was an unhealthy thing to do and to stop doing it, and don't know how to do it anymore.

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