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Moclobemide would be the sensible switch, but because its better than other drugs, its not available in most countries

What happens is there is a opposite-world correlation with everything, including meds. So as a medication is more better with less toxicity, it is less popular, less used & in less countries

The more toxic, ineffective or worsening a medication is, the more popular & prescribed it is & the more countries it is in. Just like how the most untruthful message baord posts are liked the best and the most truthful ones are flamed. Just like the more dark & negative music lyrics are, the more popular and distributed a song is, etc etc etc -- everything is negative-based Opposite world

Your options to try include:

Moclobemide if you can get it,
Trileptal , the least toxic mood stablizer
Strattera, the Noradrenaline reuptake inhibitor that causes nausea with the first 3 doses

Im sorry to hear that SSRIs make you worse and that doctors for years and years give you meds that make you worse, yet still get paid, still sleep at night, and have no problem with this and do not even care due to their bizarre lack of empathy & being negatively programmed.
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