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Originally Posted by tehuti88 View Post
Sometimes I would record myself doing my characters' voices on audiocassette.
Extortion material!

Originally Posted by tehuti88 View Post
Ha, me tooooooo. I think I spend more time filling out character profiles and buying books on character development than I spend actually writing stories.
I probably spend more time on the planning part as well It's almost as though the freedom disappears when it's written or drawn, because it sets that course of events in stone, rather than it being left open-ended

That's kind of silly because realistically they could be rewritten or redrawn, but I never do it. It feels like it would ruin the enjoyment to change it.

Originally Posted by Jesuszilla View Post
So can any of you "see" your fantasies. For example when I'm driving home from work I can look at the skyline and see things play out. Obviously it's not there but I can still say robots destroying the city it gets intense
I don't see it as it being there in front of me, but exactly like tehuti88 described my actual visual information will stop registering, and what I'm imagining in my head will become what I'll see.

When I'm able to get really into it I can visualize to the point of actually feeling the physical sensations, like wind, touch, or experience scents, or even sound. Sometimes my mind will even create a soundtrack alongside what I'm imagining, but I can never seem to retain the melodies. Which is a shame because some were pretty good.
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