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im really proud of myself for my commitment to my health and fitness. ive lost 7 lbs in just under a week, and i havent had to restrict my eating at all. when i excersize i am so happy when i am able to feel my own progress; moves and stretches that i once didnt even attempt because they seemed too difficult i can find myself able to do- bit by bit i know im getting stronger and leaner and this makes me feel good about myself. i wont listen to anyone tell me i dont need to do this- im already too thin, underweight, like they think the desire to be "in shape" is inherently unhealthy and destructive in my case. im tired of obnoxious 'liberalized/"radical"' people blathering about how everybody just needs to accept themselves and accept other people no matter what shape they're in or what they look like. i still have a ways to go but im starting to feel more confident, strong, and in control.

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