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Originally Posted by Pisces09 View Post
Does yoga and going to a spa help with SA disorder?
Yoga, actually any phsyical activity, focuses your attention on the body and less on the mind. Have you ever been stressed or anxious then done something physical and found that your emotions had decreased?

Yoga is a very gentle exercise which can aid in simply distracting you from your emotions, but there are other ways of coping with your emotions including meditation.

Try this for a quick test. When you're feeling stressed, stop and look at something mundane in your environment. A pen, or an object on your desk. Study it with intensity. Put your entire focus on that object. Your mind will want to wander, to go back to the emotions, or to look at something else in your environment. This is okay, just gently bring your attention back to that object. Do this for 30-60 seconds. You should find that your emotions will be less in control of you.

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